The 12 Longest Rivers in Germany

Germany is a rustic in north-central Europe situated between the Baltic and North Seas and the Alps. It’s the second-most populous nation in Europe (following Russia). Many guests flock to Germany to expertise its pure magnificence, historical past, tradition, and delicacies. Germany has all kinds of landscapes and pure websites: tall mountains within the south, sandy rolling hills within the north, forested hills within the urbanized west, and plains within the agricultural east. It additionally has one of the crucial developed river networks on the earth. Let’s check out a few of these exceptional rivers in Germany.

Rivers in Germany

Germany is house to fifteen rivers which are not less than 300 kilometers.


Germany is house to fifteen rivers of not less than 300 km (186 miles) in size. The rivers form the geography of the nation and most main cities sit on or close to one.

Rivers are shifting our bodies of water framed by outlined banks that circulation into a bigger physique of water (often an ocean or sea). You may consider rivers because the “veins” of our planet, pumping water and vitamins by ecosystems. Rivers additionally provide contemporary water to human civilizations and supply vital delivery and transportation routes. As rivers circulation throughout the panorama, they carve, create, and nourish valleys, producing lush vegetation and delightful vistas.

As we have a look at the biggest rivers in Germany, we’re measuring their dimension primarily based on size, moderately than depth or discharge quantities. So, what are the 12 largest and longest rivers in Germany?

12. Neckar River – 228 miles (367 km)

Recognized for its “wild” meandering, the Neckar River is filled with scenic charms.

The Neckar River is 228 miles lengthy and flows primarily by the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. “Neckar” might come from the Celtic phrase Nikros, that means “wild water” or “wild fellow.” The pure panorama of the Neckar River varies, with slim valleys alternating with widening valleys, giant valley meadows, and an excessive amount of “wild” meandering because it flows alongside.

Like many rivers in Germany, the Neckar is thought for its easy, scenic allure. The river flows previous hilly banks, vineyards, orchards, and woods. Many sections of the river had been industrialized and redeveloped for hydropower through the 19th and 20th centuries. Due to this, the Neckar is commonly seen as a logo of endangered nature.

11. Ems River – 230 miles (371 km)

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The Ems River measures 230 miles in size.

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The Ems River is a 230-mile-long river in northwestern Germany. It begins within the Teutoburger Forest and ends within the North Sea. The Ems River kinds the border between Germany and the Netherlands. Biking could be very standard alongside the Ems River, with three totally different long-distanced bicycle routes that run alongside and cross the river: The EmsAuenWeg, the Emsland Route, and the Hase Ems Weg.

10. Spree River – 250 miles (403 km)

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The Spree River is house to 18,000 species of wildlife.

The Spree River is 250 miles lengthy, starting its journey within the Lusatian Mountains in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, simply above the German city of Neugersdorf. It connects into the Elbe River in Germany and empties into the North Sea.

As The Spree River flows by Germany, a portion of it kinds a marshy wooded biosphere reserve generally known as the Spree Forest, or Spreewald. Spreewald accommodates wetlands with alder forests, sandy dry areas with pine forests, grasslands, and fields. Roughly 18,000 species of wildlife have been recognized right here.

Within the metropolis of Berlin, the Spree River can be the placement of the Badeschiff (“bathing ship”), a floating public swimming pool. The Badeschiff opened in 2004, offering a sanitary atmosphere close to the river the place folks might swim. The River Spree additionally runs alongside Spreeinsel, or Spree Island. There are 5 giant Berlin museums and an exhibition constructing on the island. This part is commonly known as “Museum Island.” Museum Island is certainly one of Berlin’s most visited websites.

9.      Saale River – 265 miles (426 km)

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Finally, the Saale River connects to the Elbe River.

The title of the Saale River probably got here from the Proto-Indo-European root séles, which implies “marsh.” It additionally could also be associated to the Indo-European root sal, which implies “salt.” The Saale River is 265 miles lengthy, beginning within the state of Bavaria on the slope of the Großer Waldstein Mountain within the Fichtelgebirge Mountain Vary. The river’s course is winding because it flows north by the mountains of the Thuringian Forest. The Saale joins the Elbe River simply above the city of Barby.

8.      Weser River – 273 miles (440 km)

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The Wester River is situated totally in Germany

The Weser River is 273 miles lengthy and is situated totally in Germany. It begins in Decrease Saxony in north-west Germany and flows by Saxony countryside. The panorama alongside the river right here virtually seems to have been forgotten by time. It options riverside meadows, Renaissance palaces, unspoiled nation cities, medieval fort ruins, and rich retailers’ houses from the 16th century. Within the story The Pied Piper of Hamelin, the piper performed his pipe to lure the rats into the Weser River the place all of them drowned.

7.      Inn River – 317 miles (510 km)

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Starting within the Swiss Alps, the Inn River flows into the Danube

The Inn River is a 317-mile-long river that begins within the Swiss Alps. It flows northeast throughout western Austria and southern Germany. The Inn enters Germany by the state of Bavaria. The Inn River runs alongside the border of Bavaria, and ultimately flows into the Danube, forming the border between Germany and Austria.

6.      Essential River – 326 miles (524 km)

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The Essential River is the longest river primarily based totally in Germany

The Essential River is the longest river in Germany that doesn’t circulation into some other nation. The Essential River is 326 miles lengthy, starting because the White Essential River within the Fichtel Mountains of northeastern Bavaria. It flows west by central Germany till it meets the Rhine River beneath town of Rüsselsheim am Essential. The panorama discovered alongside the river represents a lot of Germany’s historical past and tradition with medieval villages, historic castles, and quaint cottages lining the riverbanks.

5.      Moselle River – 339 miles (545 km)

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Recognized for its lovely valley and putting surroundings, the Moselle River is 339 miles lengthy. It begins within the Vosges mountains in jap France, then flows by northeastern France and Luxembourg to western Germany. The great thing about the Moselle River impressed the traditional Roman poet, Ausonius, to jot down a poem about it in 371.

As we speak, the Moselle River flows between stretches of castles, ruins, and vineyards. It offers a well-liked setting for guests to cycle and run alongside the flowing water, in addition to take part in water sports activities reminiscent of canoeing. The Moselle River valley is taken into account one of the crucial lovely in all of Germany. Vineyards and Rieslings (a wide range of white grape), picturesque villages, castles, and luxurious landscapes cowl the Moselle River valley.

4.      Oder River – 531 miles (854 km)

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Flowing by the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany – the Oder River is 531 miles lengthy.

The Oder River is 531 miles lengthy. It begins within the Czech Republic and flows by western Poland. Because it strikes by Poland, it turns into a part of the Oder-Neisse line, forming the border between Poland and Germany. Finally, it flows into the Szczecin Lagoon, which is shared by Poland and Germany. Right here it splits into three branches that vacant into the Bay of Pomerania of the Baltic Sea. After World Battle II, the Oder grew to become the far jap border of Germany.

3. Elbe River – 724 miles (1,165 km)

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Measuring 724 miles, the Elbe is Germany’s third longest river. Wagner

The Elbe River is certainly one of Central Europe’s most vital waterways, measuring 724 miles lengthy. It begins within the Krkonoše or Big Mountains, a mountain vary within the northern Czech Republic. After touring by Germany, it empties into the North Sea. The Elbe has the 4th largest river basin in Europe and is has vital commerce hyperlinks as far inland as Prague.

Many of the Elbe River stays largely unaltered by people and filled with lush landscapes, wetlands, and woodlands. The Center Elbe Biosphere Reserve extends alongside the Elbe River. Right here many wildlife species thrive, together with purple and black kites, cranes, and storks.

2.      Rhine River – 765 miles (1,230 km)

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The Rhine River is close to a lot of Germany’s most populous cities.

The Rhine River is 765 miles lengthy, making it the second-longest river in Central and Western Europe (following the Danube River). The Rhine River flows by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. For the reason that time of the Roman Empire, the Rhine River has been used as an vital transport route in Europe to carry commerce and items inland.

The Rhine River can be a cultural icon for Germany. It was an vital image in German nationalism within the 19th century. The German composer, Richard Wagner, used the Rhine because the setting for Das Rheingold, the primary opera of his notorious three-part epic, Der Ring des Nibelungen (you is perhaps aware of a tune from this epic-opera, “Journey of the Valkyries”). In Wagner’s opera, the Rhine River is the place the rheinmaidens shield their hoard of gold.

1.      Danube River – 1,777 miles (2,850 km)

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The Danube River is 1,777 miles lengthy, making it the longest river in Central and Western Europe. It’s the longest river that flows by Germany, and the twond longest river in all of Europe (following the Volga in Russia). It begins within the Black Forest within the German city of Donaueschingen and flows into the Black Sea by the Danube Delta in Ukraine and Romania.

The Danube flows by or alongside the borders of 10 international locations—greater than some other river on the earth: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The Danube was important to the settlement and development of central and southeastern Europe. Its water served as a industrial freeway between nations. It additionally offers ingesting water for hundreds of thousands of individuals. A number of species of fish may be discovered within the Danube River basin, together with zander, pike, Wels catfish, tench, huchen, burbot, carp, sturgeon, salmon, trout, European seabass, mullet, and eel.

A Record of the Longest Rivers in Germany

The most important rivers in Germany are:

  1. Danube River
  2. Rhine River
  3. Elbe River
  4. Oder River
  5. Moselle River
  6. Essential River
  7. Inn River
  8. Weser River
  9. Saale River
  10. Spree River
  11. Ems River
  12. Neckar River

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