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The mayo it’s a side sauce with a creamy and velvety consistency and a pale yellow color, which is eaten cold and composed of only three ingredients: Egg, oil e lemon juice (or vinegar). It is easily found ready to use, in classic tubes or glass jars, but homemade mayonnaise, in addition to being very inexpensive, is also very simple and quick to make: by hand or in a blender they will be enough for you a few minutes to obtain a creamy and homogeneous sauce to use to enrich your favorite dishes.

Along with ketchup, it is one of the most famous condiments in the world, used to flavor hamburgers, fish, fries or vegetables but also to prepare Russian salad and shrimp cocktail or to garnish soft sandwiches . Not only that: it’s the base of other savory sauces, including pink sauce and tartar sauce.

However, for a result in the rules of the art, it is essential to follow some simple precautions, first of all to use very fresh eggs and prefer single seed oil (peanut, corn or sunflower). It is therefore essential to use Ingredients at room temperatureotherwise the mayonnaise may not bind, and add theoil flush incorporating it perfectly, in order to obtain a stable emulsion and to prevent the mayonnaise from “going crazy”.

From the basil version to the vegan variant to the fake avocado mayonnaise, this sauce can be easily reinterpreted and flavored to your liking. We offer you two methods different ways of preparing mayonnaise, both easy and quick to make: in the first case the sauce will be made with due yellow and whipped by hand, according to the original recipe, in the second, instead it will be prepared with a whole egg and add a spoonful of mustardusing an immersion blender. So find out how to make the perfect mayonnaise by following the step-by-step procedure, tips and tricks.


For mayonnaise with whole egg

Useful tools

Hand blender (hand blender)

How to make homemade mayonnaise

Below you will find all the steps to prepare both the classic mayonnaise with yolks that the whole egg mayonnaiseincluding tips and tricks that will allow you to obtain a thick and tasty sauce in a few minutes, more authentic than the one purchased because without preservatives.

Although both methods are very simple, they require a different level of dexterity: the first involves the use of the hand whip, for which it is necessary to perform small rotational movements using mainly the wrist, the second is undoubtedly faster and also suitable for beginners, since the tool used in this case is a mixer, which will simply be operated and gently moved inside the cup. In addition, a mayonnaise made with two yolks will have a richer flavor than that made with a single whole egg, which is why mustard is added to the latter, which in addition to giving it structure also gives it a more pronounced taste.

The classic recipe for mayonnaise with yolks

Start making the mayonnaise by breaking the eggs, which should be at room temperature, and carefully separating the yolks from the whites. Then put the yolks in a large bowl. 1. Don’t throw away the egg whites: you can reuse them to make a light omelet or one of the other recipes with leftover egg whites, sweet or savoury.

Using a hand whisk, lightly beat the egg yolks with a pinch of salt, until you get a smooth cream 2.

Continue whisking, start adding the oil first drop by drop, then slowly several times 3, adding only when the previously poured is well incorporated. It is only when the sauce begins to thicken that you add lemon juice, an ingredient that tends to soften mayonnaise and which, if added too soon, would make it runny. To obtain a perfect emulsion it is also important to always mix in the same direction and at the same speed, with small rotational movements.

Whisk until you get a smooth and creamy sauce 4, it will take about 5 minutes. To understand if the sauce is perfectly emulsified, place a spoon in the center of the bowl: if it remains straight, the mayonnaise is ready.

whole egg mayonnaise recipe

To make whole egg mayonnaise, place the egg at room temperature in a tall glass 5.

Then pour the seed oil 6.

Also add the spoonful of mustard seven.

Finally add the lemon juice 8 and a pinch of salt.

At this point insert the hand blender into the glass making sure the blades touch the bottom 9. Run it at maximum speed and, without moving it, mix everything for about 10 seconds, until the mayonnaise begins to thicken. At this stage, proceed by making movements from bottom to top which will allow you to incorporate air and to emulsify the mixture well.

After about a minute the sauce will be smooth and quite thick, thoroughly mixed ten.

Your homemade mayonnaise is ready 11: you can choose to enjoy it immediately or keep it in the fridge until ready to serve.

How to get a crazy mayonnaise

Despite the precautions taken during preparation, the mayonnaise may not whip or be very liquid: in this case we speak of mayo madwhich can however be retrieved by adding Hot water, lemon juice oh White vinegar little by little, or, for an even thicker and more flavorful mayonnaise, another Egg yolk, whisk separately and add drop by drop to the mixture. Alternatively, you can use crazy mayonnaise in place of oil in a new preparation, then whisk the yolks with a pinch of salt and slowly add the unbound mixture until it mixes with the rest of the ingredients.


Instead of lemon juice, you can use 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar. If you wish, you can flavor the mayonnaise with a pinch of pepper, or prepare a flavored version with curry.

The use ofolive oil in mayonnaise, it is not recommended by many because it may make it too heavy, but if you want to use it, you can choose a mild tasting one, or mix 2/3 seed oil and 1 /3 olive oil.

In addition to the hand or the mixer, you can also make a mayonnaise with an electric mixer or a classic mixer: in both cases, proceed as for the mayonnaise by hand, pouring the oil slowly over the lightly beaten yolks.


Mayonnaise can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days in an airtight jar, and do not freeze: as with other egg-based sauces, in fact, the cold tends to separate the solid and liquid parts, thereby altering the taste of the sauce.

Curiosity: where was mayonnaise invented?

Many think that mayonnaise is a French sauce, but in reality its birth is shrouded in mystery and its origins are disputed between France and Spain.

According to some, in fact, the name mayonnaise derives from “mahonnaise”, in turn referring to the Spanish city of Mahonthe capital of Menorca, where it seems to have been created in 1756 by the Duc de Richelieu’s cook. For others, however, a similar sauce had already been prepared in these places for some time, and the duke only discovered it and brought it to France. This theory seems confirmed by the fact that in the 18th century a Franciscan monk noted in a cookbook entitled “The art of cooking, Menorcan cookbook” the recipe for aioli, a sauce made with eggs, garlic, oil and lemon typical of Menorca, of which mayonnaise would be a reinterpretation.

A second hypothesis concerns the Duke of Mayenne, who would have tasted an old version of mayonnaise in the 1589shortly before the battle of Arches against King Henry IV. Despite the defeat, the sauce left its mark, and was called “mayennaise” in honor of Mayenne.

Then there are those who relate the name of the sauce to “moyeunaise”, a term probably derived from “moyeu”, the old French word for egg yolk, and those who instead argue that mayonnaise is so called in reference to the French verb “manier” – hence the term “magnonnaise” will later become “mayonnaise” – which means to mix, precisely the action necessary for the preparation of this creamy sauce.

Finally, there are those who are convinced that the origin of the name must be attributed to “bayonnaise”, a sauce described in some 19th century cookbooks which is said to have been invented in the French town of Bayonne and had very similar ingredients and process to the mayonnaise we know today.

If it is therefore complex to establish where it was born and who invented it, it is quite certain that mayonnaise arrived in Italy around 1855the year chef Giuseppe Sorbiatti included the recipe in his Gastronomia Moderna, despite it only arriving in America in 1910, initially sold in a New York delicatessen.

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