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For the stuffing

thinly sliced ​​cooked ham

L’savory brioche bread tree it is a sweet and very tasty sourdough product, perfect to offer for Christmas lunch as antipasti scenographic and efficient, or to bring to the table for New Year’s Eve dinner. A “master piece» creative and refined, designed to amaze diners, made up of many soft balls of brioche bread, stuffed with olives, ham and cheese which, once cooked, will give a rustic effect of great flavor, savory and stringy to the bite.

A recipe reminiscent of the famous Campanian Danube, easy and quick to make, to be packaged in a thousand different variants: just fill the bites obtained with the desired ingredients, arrange them like a fir tree on a plate covered with parchment paper, and you’re done.

If you like, you can omit the filling and enjoy the brioche breadfruit instead of the bread, or you can serve it as an appetizing appetizer for breakfast.aperitifas well as delicious canapes and other festive appetizers.

Find out how to prepare savory brioche breadfruit by following the step-by-step instructions and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the puff pastry Christmas tree, the Christmas tree with puff pastry swivels or the Christmas salted cream pie.

How to prepare salty brioche breadfruit

Melt the butter in a bain-marie and let it cool 1.

Sift the flour into a large bowl 2.

Add the yeast 3.

Mix the sugar 4.

Mix with a spoon 5.

Add the egg 6.

Continue with salt seven.

Incorporate the egg with the tines of a fork 8.

Pour the hot milk 9.

Mix for a few moments ten.

Add the now hot butter 11.

Knead with your hands 12.

Then transfer the mixture obtained to a lightly floured work surface and continue to work with your hands, until you obtain an elastic and homogeneous dough. 13.

form a palla 14.

Prepare the filling: chop the pitted black olives and the cooked ham with a knife, and cut the provolone into cubes 15.

Collect the chopped ingredients in a bowl 16.

Add the grated parmesan 17.

Mix with a spoon 18.

Transfer the prepared dough to a floured bowl, cover with plastic wrap 19and let rise in a warm place away from drafts for about 3 hours or until the initial volume has doubled.

Once doubled in size 20take the dough again.

Flip it over on the counter and, using a tarot, get 38 servings 21 about 18 g each.

Flatten each portion with a rolling pin 22so as to form several discs.

Stuff each disc with a teaspoon of filling 23.

Close the flaps on the filling and seal the dough in the center 24.

Form a ball by gently rolling it between your hands 25.

Then rotate it on the work surface, in order to obtain a smooth surface 26and continue like this until you run out of ingredients.

Start composing the bread brioche tree by making the trunk with 4 balls 27 and placing them 1/2 cm apart.

Form a row of 6 balls on top of the trunk 28always spaced out.

Make another row consisting of 7 balls 29.

Then proceed to build the tree by forming a row of 6 balls (30), then 5, 4, 3… and so on, in descending order, until you reach the last ball.

Once the tree is formed 31let it rise, covered with a damp cloth, for about 1 hour.

Once the rising time has elapsed, place the bread brioche tree on a baking sheet 32.

Brush the stuffed balls with the yolk 33lightly beaten with a drop of milk.

Bake at 180°C and cook for about 20 minutes, or until golden brown 34.

At the end, take out the salted bread brioche tree 35.

Garnish it with a few rosemary needles 36bring to the table and serve.


If you wish, you can fill the bread roll tree with smoked salmon and prawns, and consume it on Christmas Eve in combination with other delicious appetizers.

For a touch crisp you can sprinkle the rustic with sesame or sunflower seeds, or you can sprinkle it, once out of the oven, with pink peppercorns or rosemary needles (as in our recipe).

You can replace the beer yeast dry with cool: in this case you will need about 12 gr.

Those with a sweet tooth can then try their hand at a sweet version by increasing the amount of sugar and filling the balls of dough with a delicious hazelnut or pistachio cream spread.


The savory bread tree brioche can be kept at room temperature, under a glass bell jar, for 2-3 days massive.

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