The 15 Largest Lakes within the World

Hundreds of lakes exist on the earth at the moment, and it’s solely pure to surprise which ones are the biggest. With fashionable know-how, humanity has managed to measure lakes when it comes to their dimension and quantity. We now have gathered information concerning the greatest lakes of all. We’re going to indicate you the 15 largest lakes on the earth and supply attention-grabbing details about every one.

What’s a Lake?

Earlier than we present you the largest lakes on the earth, we’ve to know what makes a physique of water a lake. Usually talking, the primary variations between a lake and a pond are dimension, outlet, depth, form, and kind of water contained inside:

1. Depth: A lake is usually deeper than a pond. 

2. Form: A lake additionally tends to be extra of an oval form with peninsulas, whereas ponds normally have rounded edges.

3. Nature: Lakes are principally freshwater however can include some quantities of saltwater, whereas ponds are freshwater. 

Moreover, lakes are typically:

  • deeper than 20 toes
  • have an open outlet that connects them to a physique of water slightly than being closed off
  • 200 acres (0.3 Sq mi) or extra in general dimension.

15 Largest Lakes within the World

Now that we all know what makes a physique of water a lake, it’s time to find the biggest ones. Apparently, the biggest lakes won’t be the deepest nor the longest as you will note on this checklist. The 15 largest lakes on the earth are:

15. Lake Balkhash

Lake Balkash is among the largest lakes in Asia.

Maxim Petrichuk/

16,400 km2
6,300 sq mi
605 km
376 mi
26 m
85 ft
106 km3
25 cu mi

Lake Balkhash is a lake with a excessive density of saline, and it’s situated solely in Kazakhstan. This lake is the middle of numerous financial initiatives. The crescent-shaped lake is among the largest lakes in all of Asia.

14. Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga is the largest lake in Europe.


18,130 km2
7,000 sq mi        
219 km
136 mi
230 m
750 ft   
908 km3
218 cu mi

Lake Ladoga is usually thought-about to be the biggest lake in Europe however solely as a result of it’s situated solely inside Europe and never break up into totally different areas. Lake Ladoga can also be the second-largest lake in all of Russia.  

13. Lake Ontario

1653184019 780 Biggest of the Great Lakes Ranking them From Largest to - May 30, 2022
Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Nice lakes.

Michael J. Eves/

18,960 km2
7,320 sq mi
311 km
193 mi
244 m
801 ft
1,639 km3
393 cu mi  

Lake Ontario is the 13th largest lake, and it’s one other one that’s break up between the U.S. and Canada. Lake Ontario is one other one of many Nice Lakes, and it has the smallest floor areas of any of them. This lake is often used as a feat for swimmers to cross.

12. Lake Winnipeg

The 12 Largest Freshwater Lakes in the World - May 30, 2022
Lake Winnipeg has the largest watershed in Canada.


24,514 km2
9,465 sq mi
425 km
264 mi
36 m
118 ft
283 km3
68 cu mi

Lake Winnipeg is a really giant lake that’s situated solely inside Canada. The lake is a part of the biggest watershed of any lake in Canada. Lake Winnipeg is going through vital ecological issues together with infiltration by zebra mussels and algae blooms.  

11. Lake Erie

1653168289 716 Americas Most Extreme Lakes - May 30, 2022
Lake Erie is the second-smallest of the Nice Lakes


25,700 km2
9,900 sq mi
388 km
241 mi
64 m
210 ft
489 km3
117 cu mi

Lake Erie is one other lake that borders the USA and Canada. It’s one other one of many Nice Lakes, and it’s the smallest out of all of them when it comes to quantity. The lake borders many states within the U.S., and it’s a well-liked vacationer attraction all year long, even when parts freeze within the winter.

10. Nice Slave Lake

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Nice Slave Lake has a wealthy historical past and an unlucky identify.


27,000 km2
10,000 sq mi
480 km
300 mi
614 m
2,014 ft
1,560 km3
370 cu mi

The Nice Slave Lake was named by French Explorers that handled Cree people who had enslaved different tribes. That identify was later translated into English. This lake has a good quantity of space, however that is recognized principally as a result of it’s the deepest lake in North America.

9. Lake Malawi

Deep and Wide The 10 Largest Lakes by Volume in - May 30, 2022
Lake Malawi has shorelines in three international locations

Scott Biales DitchTheMap/

29,500 km2
11,400 sq mi
579 km
360 mi
706 m
2,316 ft
8,400 km3
2,000 cu mi

Though Lake Malawi is called for one nation, it really has shorelines is three. They’re Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. This lake has a good floor space, however its depth and quantity usually are not too vital.

8. Nice Bear Lake

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This lake could be very far north in Canada.

Kevin Lings/

31,000 km2
12,000 sq mi
373 km
232 mi
446 m
1,463 ft
2,236 km3
536 cu mi

Nice Bear Lake is situated in Canada. Though Canada has numerous lakes, this one is the biggest lake that’s located solely within the nation. This lake is within the far north of Canada, with a few of it technically being within the Arctic Circle!

7. Lake Baikal

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You’ll find Lake Baikal in Russia and close to Mongolia.

Julia Kuzenkova/

31,500 km2
12,200 sq mi
636 km
395 mi
1,637 m
5,371 ft
23,600 km3
5,700 cu mi

Lake Baikal is situated solely within the nation of Russia. Though it’s seventh on this checklist, it’s the deepest lake in the whole world, and it has the biggest quantity of freshwater in a lake on the earth. This lake could be very deep.  

6. Lake Tanganyika

1653106614 800 20 Famous Lakes You Need to Know - May 30, 2022
Tanganyika is among the greatest lakes in Africa, and it’s the biggest freshwater lake.

Naoki Kakuta/

32,600 km2
12,600 sq mi
676 km
420 mi
1,470 m
4,820 ft
18,900 km3
4,500 cu mi

Lake Tanganyika is one other huge lake that’s situated on the continent of Africa. It has shorelines in Zambia, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi. No different freshwater lake is so long as this one, and its huge depths give this lake a large quantity. Lake Tanganyika is the biggest freshwater lake by quantity.

5. Lake Michigan

How Big is Lake Michigan 5 Amazing Lake Michigan Facts - May 30, 2022
That is the largest of the Nice Lakes within the U.S.

Frederick Millett/

58,000 km2
22,000 sq mi
494 km
307 mi
281 m
922 ft
4,900 km3
1,200 cu mi

Lake Michigan is one other one of many Nice Lakes, and this one is attention-grabbing as a result of it’s situated solely throughout the confines of the USA. As such, that is the biggest lake that’s situated in a single nation! It additionally has extra quantity than Lake Huron.

4. Lake Huron

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The lake is deeper and comprises extra water than a number of the larger lakes.

EB Journey Images/

59,600 km2
23,000 sq mi
332 km
206 mi
229 m
751 ft
3,540 km3
850 cu mi

Lake Huron is one other of the Nice Lakes that has shorelines in the USA and Canada. This lake is attention-grabbing as a result of it has much less floor space than Lake Victoria, however it has much more quantity. Lake Huron is attention-grabbing as a result of it has Manitoulin Island, the largest lake island in the whole world!

3. Lake Victoria

1653106614 943 20 Famous Lakes You Need to Know - May 30, 2022
Named for Queen Victoria, Lake Victoria is an extremely essential lake for the wildlife.

Stefan Haider/

68,870 km2
26,590 sq mi
322 km
200 mi
84 m
276 ft
2,750 km3
660 cu mi

Lake Victoria is the biggest lake in Africa. This freshwater lake has shorelines in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Lake Victoria was named for the British monarch, and it’s well-known for supporting all kinds of wildlife within the space. Though its space is way bigger than most different lakes all over the world, its quantity is considerably much less owing to its quick depth.

2. Lake Superior

1653032933 701 10 Incredible Lakes in Northern Michigan - May 30, 2022
When it comes to freshwater lakes, none are larger in floor space than Lake Superior.

Elena Elisseeva/

82,100 km2
31,700 sq mi
616 km
383 mi
406 m
1,333 ft
12,100 km3
2,900 cu mi

Lake Superior has shorelines in each the USA and Canada, and it’s the biggest freshwater lake on the earth by floor space alone. This lake has a large quantity that exceeds most of the different “Nice Lakes” which might be close by. Lake Superior has been used for delivery for over a century.

1. Caspian Sea

1653106614 26 20 Famous Lakes You Need to Know - May 30, 2022
The Caspian Sea is the biggest lake, and sure, it’s technically a lake!

Marina Khlybova/

371,000 km²
143,000 sq mi
1,199 km
745 mi
3,363 ft
78,200 km3
18,800 cu mi

The Caspian Sea is the world’s largest lake regardless that it shares some traits with a sea, together with salinity and the truth that it has an ocean basin under sea stage. The lake has shorelines in lots of international locations attributable to its giant dimension, similar to Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan. The water on this lake is brackish in some components with considerably excessive salinity, however lower than an ocean.  

What Is the Largest Lake in the USA?

Lake Superior is the biggest lake in the USA, however it shares a shoreline with Canada, too. The biggest lake contained solely within the U.S. is Lake Michigan. This lake is situated subsequent to the state of Michigan.

What Is the Deepest Lake in the USA?

Crater Lake has a depth of 592 meters or 1,943 toes. This lake is situated within the state of Oregon, and it’s well-known for its deep blue shade and its huge depth.

What Is the Deepest Lake within the World?

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on the earth. This lake is situated solely throughout the nation of Russia, and it has change into a well-liked vacationer attraction for hikers. The Nice Baikal Path runs alongside the perimeter of this lake, permitting individuals to stroll, hike, and bike across the outskirts and get super views.

Ultimate Ideas on the Largest Lakes within the World

The biggest lakes on the earth are distributed all over the world. Most of the greatest lakes are present in North America, although. These lakes have an immense floor space, size, depth, and quantity. Many of those lakes share shorelines with a number of international locations, too. Nevertheless, a couple of of those lakes are very giant and solely exist in a single nation, like Lake Michigan.

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