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I sweet carnival ravioli are typical delicacies of the carnival period: a thin sheet very similar to that of the chiacchiere which, once cooked, oven oh friedbecomes a crisp coffin containing a creamy and enveloping filling of ricotta e chocolate chips.

These delicious packages are prepared in many regions of Italy – in the cuisine of Abruzzo, Sicily, Puglia, Calabria and Bologna, in particular – with light variants in the name and in the preparation, both of the outer shell, often made with a simple shortcrust pastry, and of the filling.

The procedure for preparing them is simple and quick, similar to that of classic ravioli: you make a loaf with flour, eggs, melted butter and milk, you spread it, you form discs with the help of a pastry ring and fill them with the ricotta filling and chocolate chips; finally, the bundles are well sealed with the tines of the fork to prevent the filling from escaping during cooking.

For filling, we recommend using a very dry fresh ricotta and, if necessary, let it drain in a fine-mesh sieve for an hour to remove the whey. If you prefer a more delicate taste, buy cow’s milk ricotta, while for a more pronounced taste, opt for sheep’s or buffalo’s milk ricotta. Finally, you can choose to cook them in the oven oh fry them.

You can also vary the filling and garnish them with hazelnut cream, jam or alternatively prepare them with custard. Simply dusted with a little icing sugar, they will be perfect for serving at end of meal or on the occasion of anniversary or a party: they will conquer the palate of young and old alike.

Find out how to make fried or baked Carnival sweet ravioli and try other typical Carnival sweet recipes, such as damselfish, fried bombs or stuffed bugie.

How to make Sweet Baked Carnival Ravioli

Start preparing the sweet Carnival ravioli from the dough: put the flour in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and the caster sugar. Form the classic fountain in the center of the flour and add the eggs 1.

Then, melt the butter in the microwave, 30 seconds at 800 W, or in a bain-marie and pour it slowly into the bowl. Flavor with grated lemon zest 2. Slowly pour in the milk and start kneading, first with a fork and then by hand, until the mixture is firm and homogeneous.

Transfer the dough to a work surface and shape into a ball 3. Wrap it in a sheet of transparent film and let it rest for about 20 minutes: the rest will make it easier to spread the dough.

In the meantime, dedicate yourself to the filling: put the well-drained ricotta, the sugar and the chocolate chips in a bowl 4. Mix the ingredients well to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Transfer filling to refrigerator until ready to use.

After the resting time, roll out the dough using a rolling pin until you get a sheet 2 or 3 mm thick 5.



Using a cookie cutter about 10 cm in diameter, cut out many discs. Spread half a spoonful of filling in the center of each disc 6.

Close the crescent-shaped ravioli, taking care to press the edges well with the tines of a fork 7. Take care to seal the edges of the ravioli well, letting all the air escape around the filling: this will prevent it from escaping during cooking.

Transfer the ravioli to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cook in a static oven preheated to 180°C for 12-15 minutes, or in a convection oven for the same time 8.

When the surface of the ravioli is lightly browned, remove them from the oven and let them cool. Finally, decorate them with a dusting of icing sugar: the sweet Carnival ravioli are ready to be served 9.

How to make sweet fried carnival ravioli


To make Carnival’s Sweet Fried Ravioli, start by preparing a large skillet or wok with plenty of peanut oil, which is perfect for frying thanks to its high smoke point. Bring the oil to 170-175°C: during this phase, use a cooking thermometer or use one of the alternative methods to monitor the temperature of the oil.

Fry the sweet ravioli for 3-4 minutes until golden brown, taking care to turn them occasionally. Drain the ravioli on absorbent paper to remove the excess oil and sprinkle generously with icing sugar: the sweet Carnival ravioli are ready to be tasted.


If you wish, you can replace the lemon zest with lemon zest orangeor season with a little ‘ vanilla or ground cinnamon. If you want to make the surface of sweet dumplings more shiny, you can brush them with honeyed lightly warmed and decorate them with sugar oh flaked almonds.

5 regional versions of sweet Carnival ravioli

Sweet ravioli is a popular dish in many parts of Italy, with different names and some variations in preparation as well. In the Abruzzo cuisinefor example, are called caggionetto and stuffed with a filling made from mixed chickpeas, sugar and cocoa; in this Sicilianinstead, they are known as cassatelle and filled with ricotta, cinnamon and chocolate chips. And not only that: they can be found in the version Puglia come cheeky, filled with sugar, wine and peeled almonds; in the Calabrian region of she didn’t drink, which include an aromatic filling made from chocolate, jam, liqueur and dried fruit; or, finally, in the traditional Emilian style of bolognese ravioli.

1. Caggionetti: the recipe for the typical fried sweet ravioli of Abruzzo


I caggionetto I am a typical specialty of Abruzzo, especially from the province of Teramo. Among the most popular Christmas sweets are Ravioli crescent-shaped, filled with a filling made from this boiled, almonds e cocoa − poor and easily available ingredients − therefore fried in hot oil. Nail old recipetransmitted from generation to generation with many variations: in another version, for example, chickpeas are replaced by dried chestnuts, soaked and boiled. Serve hot, sprinkled with a little sugar and icing, at the end of Christmas lunch: they will literally be caught up. Find out how to prepare them by following our recipe step by step.

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2. Cassatelle di Carnevale: the recipe for sweet Sicilian ravioli


THE Carnival boxes they are gods sweet ravioli typical French fries Sicilian tradition, inevitable in this holiday season with lies, gossip and staples. They are prepared with a thin and fragrant dough, then stuffed with a gourmet stuffing made with sheep’s milk ricotta, chocolate chips and cinnamon. They are perfect for celebrating the most colorful and fun time of the year and their creamy and fragrant filling will delight young and old alike.

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3. Calzoncelli from Puglia: the recipe for a marzipan dessert


I Calzoncelli from Puglia they are gods sweet panzerottini, typical of the gastronomic tradition of this extraordinary region. Crescent-shaped, they are usually prepared during the holiday season Christmas vacation: nail simply navigate, made from flour, oil and white wine, it contains a sweet and fragrant almond paste. Fried in abundant hot oil, they acquire a crunchy and crumbly consistency. Sprinkle them generously Granulated sugar and serve them still warm and fragrant as a worthy conclusion to the Christmas lunch or a party buffet. Find out how to make them by following our quick and easy recipe step by step.

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5. Bolognese ravioli: the recipe for the typical crumbly and delicious dessert

Bolognese ravioli

THE bolognese ravioli they are gods treaty of peasant origin typical of the Emilian cuisine and in particular of the city of Bologna. It is croissants made from shortcrust pastry – the shape of which is reminiscent of traditional savory ravioli – which contains a Bolognese mustard filling. Traditionally, they were prepared on Father’s Day, March 19, but it is possible to find them in local patisseries throughout the year (which is why they are also called ravioli di San Giuseppe).

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Baked ravioli should be stored closed in a special airtight container or in a cool, dry place, for maximum 2 days.

If you are preparing the sweet pan-fried Carnival ravioli, we advise you to eat them immediately but, if you have leftovers, keep them for A day at best closed.

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