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The staples without potatoes I am Fried donuts soft and light as a cloud, which differ from classic Neapolitan staples precisely because they don’t have potatoes in the batter. Typical of the period of Carnivalthe essentials are excellent all year round, perfect for enjoying a breakfast Oh to taste strictly just cooked, when they are still hot, or to be prepared to enrich the dessert buffet during birthdays and holidays.

The preparation is really simple: the dough (based on flour, milk, butter and eggs) is prepared in a few minutes, it is easy to work with the planetary mixer or by hand and lends itself to taking different shapes, from the typical donut with the so-called “rabbit ears” all around reminiscent of donuts, to be filled with hazelnut cream or jam.

With our recipe you will make very soft, fragrant and fried essentials not greasy, just like those found in the best bars and patisseries. Fry them in hot oil and pass them still warm in caster sugar: they will delight young and old.

For a light alternative, try baked donuts, which are just as moist and tasty, or make colorful donuts, the famous glazed American donuts. So here’s how to make potato-free staples as good as the ones you bought.

How to prepare staple foods without potatoes

First beat the eggs with the milk and fresh brewer’s yeast 1.

Separately, mix the flour with the softened butter, sugar and salt 2.

Gradually pour in the previously prepared mixture and knead well with your hands until you obtain a compact dough. 3then cover and let rise for 2 hours or until doubled in size.

Divide the dough into nine pieces 4 and spread each piece with your hands to form thin sticks.

Close the sticks by overlapping one side on the other and pressing gently to make them adhere, then stretch the circle with your hands to obtain an oval shape 5.

Place donuts on a floured baking sheet 5 and let them rise in the oven at 30°C for one hour. If your oven cannot be set at such a low temperature, let the dough rise in the oven turned off but with the light on: this way the temperature will be constant and will promote rising.

Fry the staples in hot oil until golden brown 6it will only take a few minutes.

When they are still hot, pass them in caster sugar, making sure that it sticks well. seven.

Your potato-free staple is ready to serve 8.


For an even fluffier potato-free staple, you can substitute half the 00 flour with Manitoba flour.

If you prefer to use the dry brewer’s yeast you can add 2-3 grams to eggs and milk, then proceed according to the recipe.

Staples are already great this way, but if you want you can flavor them with lemon or orange zestor, if intended for adults, you can add a few drops yourself alcohol favorite.


Staples without potatoes are kept soft for about 2 days, better if closed inside a paper bag. After dividing the dough, the staples can also be frozen, thus skipping the second sourdough: just thaw them at room temperature overnight, then fry them the next day.

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