Mercedes-AMG SL 63: heavy, bourgeois, but sporty!

A very bourgeois roadster, the Mercedes-Benz SL has evolved towards ever greater comfort over the decades. The last generations addressed themselves to a affluent clientele, more interested in riding with the wind blowing hair in the greatest comfort, than in any ounce of sportiness. Although there were versions prepared by AMG. In short, the SL forgot that its number meant “Sport und Leicht”, or sporty and light. For the new generation, whose code name is R232, it is a turning point that has been negotiated. The brand with the star claims the glorious past of the line, invoking the 300 SL of 1954, derived from the winning car at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Carrera Panamericana in 1952.

Witness of the desire to exacerbate the sportiness of the new SL, the design of this seventh generation was entrusted to AMG, sports division of Mercedes. No version is stamped Mercedes-Benz, it is now appropriate to speak of Mercedes-AMG SL. For the occasion, the Afflaterbach pharmacy has concocted a completely new platform, which will also serve the second generation of Mercedes-AMG GT. To prevent the two cars from stepping on each other’s toes, the GT will no longer be available as a convertible, the body type of which the SL will have the exclusivity.

A typical Mercedes style

The designers split with a typical Mercedes pencil stroke. This roadster displays a fullness and a compact volume which allow harmonious proportions. This SL is one of the rare cabriolets to appear more elegant with the hood up than open. The canvas roof (which throws nettles the retractable hardtop of the two previous generations), displays lines that fall delicately towards the callipygian stern of this roadster. A few details are disappointing, however, such as the fake plastic air vents on the front fenders, barely worthy of a car center tuning gadget. The Mercedes-AMG SL is beautiful, it’s an appreciation that few people will dispute. But it does not have the visual impact of supercars sold at the same price (more than €200,000 for our test copy). Place it next to a BMW Z4, few will guess it’s worth triple. This can be an argument for those looking for discretion, just as it can turn some people’s heels.

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