Jeep Compass e-Hybrid: little electrified, this fake 4×4 lacks energy

After the little Renegade in 2014, and while waiting for a future “Baby Jeep”, the famous American brand is revising the mechanics of its compact model, the Compass launched in 2016. Produced in southern Italy like the Renegade and the Fiat 500X, this fake Yankee comes back to us with a 1.5 petrol engine equipped with a light hybridization of 48 volts. A great first. This is the engine that can also be found on the all-new Alfa Romeo Tonale. Logically, Jeep and Alfa were part of the same Fiat Chrysler group (FCA), merged in January 2021 with PSA to form Stellantis. On the body side, nothing or almost nothing changes, however. The Compass retains its fairly typical, easily identifiable silhouette. This one does not display the originality of the little brother Renegade. He doesn’t exude the same sympathy. But the lines, rather pleasant, have by no means aged. The front end is reminiscent of the big brothers Cherokee and Grand Cherokee.

The interior now sports a large screen overhanging the dashboard, according to fashion. If the design is not open to criticism, the finish is dated. She was already not extraordinary six years ago. Nothing very shocking certainly, but, undoubtedly, the materials are of the economic type. Disappointing on a machine sold for more than 40,000 euros. In addition, the more time passes, the more Jeep limits the comfort equipment. Leather was thus present two years ago on the high Limited finish. Then the brand took it off. And today, even on an Upland version that is now supposed to represent the top of the range (with the S), the real skin is replaced by a mixture of fabric and leatherette with a very plastic appearance. Not terrible. At the same time, the possibility of a light gray interior, instead of the eternal black, is over. It’s now black (with a bit of dark blue on the Upland version) for everyone. Note also that the palette of exterior colors has also shrunk: all the colors are now very dull. Certainly, Stellantis wants to reduce costs by reducing diversity as much as possible. But, the customer does not find his account there. The atmosphere here is not up to the competition and the price.

Less complicated ergonomics than competitors

Fortunately, once you have assimilated the sub-menus, the ergonomics appear less complicated than with rivals. VSa, we appreciate it! The settings are grouped according to rational logics. Note an easy-to-use GPS. And the car generally respects the driver’s choices. But not all. Jeep has added driving aids that the legislator promotes. However, these often prove to be irritating by their lack of discernmentnment. The obligatory, thundering coffee break alert, stupidly stresses after an hour and a half of motorway travel. In addition, the signal replaces in front of the eyes the indication of the speed at which or is driving. And, to interrupt this barouf, you have to press “OK”… But the driving speed is then displayed in miles! You have to press it a second time to get the km/h again. Wacky. Let’s add a back alert in maneuvers, which reconnects automatically, very noisy and annoying. Ride like emergency braking, untimely. Finally, the handbrake is still ridiculous. It only disconnects automatically if you have buckled the seat belt. Childish. What if we left the motorist alone…

On the other hand, we welcome a clear instrumentation in front of the eyes, with large numbers, a readable screen. The living space is also interesting and the geometric shapes give off a pleasant feeling of available space. The trunk offers enough space. As for the driving position, if it suffers from a German seat too raised at the knees, it proves to be very correct on long journeys. A car not tiring.

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