Ethical hackers: YesWeHack infiltrates cybersecurity

Ethical hackers: YesWeHack infiltrates cybersecurity

What do the Government of Quebec, Swiss Post and Doctolib have in common? All of them have used the services of YesWeHack, a French start-up that has been turning the world of cybersecurity upside down for some time with its bug bounty technique – literally “bug bonus”. The principle is counter-intuitive: companies pay to be attacked by seasoned hackers. But it’s not just any hackers: some 40,000 cybersecurity researchers from 150 countries have been handpicked by YesWeHack teams. These are rewarded with bonuses based on the flaws they discover in the computer networks of client companies.

The highest reward is currently $250,000. It is proposed by the Swiss Confederation, which challenges ethical hackers to vote fraudulently on its electronic electoral platform. “We popularized the penetration test”, decrypts Guillaume Vassault-Houlière, co-founder of YesWeHack with Manuel Dorne in 2015. This French cybersecurity veteran has added two essential components to this technique often used in the industry: a platform, a site to which companies can connect to launch their bug bounty, as well as the crowd-sourcing dimension (participatory production) allowing the consolidation of research teams.

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