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The Deviled eggs are a versatile preparation ideal for serving as antipasti and stuff as you prefer. Today we offer them to you with the asparagus creamand vegetarian filling tasty and light, made without mayonnaise but with the addition of cream cheese. Among the different varieties of asparagus that can be found in markets and supermarkets, we have chosen the green asparagusthe most popular and best known, rich in vitamins and mineral salts but with a reduced calorie content, therefore perfect for preparing many recipes.

Perfect for a buffet but also how finger food during a dinner with friends, eggs stuffed with asparagus cream can also be prepared in advance and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

To make your appetizer even more original, you can accompany this preparation with stuffed eggs with tuna or stuffed eggs with spinach and guacamole, alternating them on a serving platter. But now let’s see how to prepare these hard-boiled eggs stuffed with asparagus in a short time, a tasty recipe suitable for all occasions.

How to prepare deviled eggs with cream of asparagus

To start, cook the eggs in boiling water with a pinch of salt and leave on the heat for about 8 minutes 1. Be careful not to cook them longer, otherwise the yolk could turn green.

After the cooking time, pass the eggs under cold water to cool them more quickly and remove the shell 2taking care not to break them.

Then cut them in half, gently remove the yolk 3 and leave them aside.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling: wash the asparagus 4 and eliminates the toughest part of the stem, the last.

Cut them into pieces and brown them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and the shallot 5, adding water if necessary. If you want to garnish the eggs with the asparagus tips, cook them separately, preferably steamed, for 5 minutes.

Once cooked, mix them with the egg yolks and the cream cheese until you get a smooth cream. 6then salt and pepper.

Fill the eggs with a pastry bag seven or, alternatively, with a teaspoon.

Garnish the deviled eggs with cream of asparagus as desired and serve 8.


For filling you can also use white asparaguswhich have a less intense flavor, and replace the cheese spread with ricottathe Robola or what yogurt: in this case the filling will be less compact but lighter. If you like a rich filling, add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise after blending the asparagus.

For decoration, however, you can choose asparagus tips, olives, caviar, capers or parsley.


You can keep eggs stuffed with cream of asparagus in the refrigerator until one dayclosed inside an airtight container.

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