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The Cheese croquettes I am a simple and delicious appetizer: triangles of cheese friedwith a crispy breadcrumbs outside, but a soft and fluid heart.

I am really easy to prepare: just cut the cheese into triangles, bread it, let it rest in the freezer, proceed with the second breading and fry the croquettes until golden brown.

Resting in the freezer is particularly important for the success of this dish. The thermal shock, in fact, caused by going from the freezer to the boiling oil, makes it possible to obtain a crispy outer crust.

To make this recipe, you can choose either a firmer pasta filata cheese, such as Mozzarellathe smoked cheese where to Provolonethan a soft dough like fountain. Naturally, a different final consistency will be obtained, more compact in the first case and creamier in the second.

Also perfect for a buffet or an aperitif, they are ideal to accompany Potato Croquettesat croquettes with béchamel and ham or with Greek zucchini fritters.

How to make cheese croquettes

To make the cheese croquettes, take the cheese and cut it first into slices and then into triangles 1.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs in one bowl and arrange three more bowls for milk, breadcrumbs and flour 2.

Bread the cheese triangles first in the milk, then in the flour, in the beaten eggs and, finally, in the breadcrumbs 3.

Let the breaded triangles rest in the freezer for 1 hour: they will thus firm up and the thermal shock will make them crispier. 4.

After the rest time, pass the triangles in beaten eggs and breadcrumbs for a second coating 5.

Meanwhile, prepare a pot with plenty of seed oil. When the oil has reached the ideal temperature of around 180°C, fry the croquettes in boiling oil for a few minutes on each side and until golden brown. 6.

Cheese croquettes are ready to be served seven.


Cheese croquettes are ideal for eating warm or lukewarm. However, they can freeze in the freezer before cooking. When preparing them, they will go directly fried, without going through the defrosting phase.

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