Bayou and Chatelain: ‘This government has thrown the climate convention to the grinder’

It is an originality that only ecologists know how to produce. And also, a guarantee of modernity. To respect parity, the EELV deputies have chosen to have two group presidents in the Assembly: the very prominent boss of the Greens Julien Bayou and the lesser-known deputy for Isère Cyrielle Chatelain. A duo which however responds with one voice when it comes to criticizing the ecological mistakes of the government “which threw the climate convention into the grinder” and “results from five years of climate inaction”. In the unprecedented context of an Assembly without an absolute majority, they nevertheless say they are ready to reach out to Elisabeth Borne when it comes to enriching a project in favor of renewable energies and the end of dependence on renewable energies. “We will always be there to advance ecology,” they assure.

Challenges – The EELV group has chosen to anchor itself in the opposition by voting for the Nupes motion of no confidence. Yet 82% of environmental sympathizers want their party to negotiate with the government. Is it really tenable?

Julien Bayou, co-president of the EELV group at the National Assembly: It is not contradictory, because this government does not come from nowhere. It stems from five years of climate inaction. It is not a new government that we are going to judge on paper. It was the government that threw the climate convention into the grinder. That’s all of Macron’s world. As well as the historic responsibility of having brought 89 RN deputies into the National Assembly. This is not the mandate of climate action. There are promises, but the reality is setbacks. This does not prevent the fact that if the government opens the door, because for the moment it is the government that is blocking it, we will be there, as we said. We will always be there to advance ecology.

Cyrielle Chatelain, co-president of the EELV group at the National Assembly: We are indeed clearly in opposition but because of the government’s choices. The purchasing power law contains clearly climaticidal measures: the LNG port, the reopening of coal-fired power stations. We have three years to stop increasing our greenhouse gases and nothing has been put in place to achieve this objective. Nothing allows us to say in the first laws that the government will make this policy. We are therefore logically opposed to a policy that does not take this issue into account. Afterwards we are in a new parliament, where we will obviously have to discuss. If at some point the government passes an ambitious law where we manage to push things forward in terms of renewable energies, renovation of buildings, transport, of course we will support these advances. We can no longer content ourselves with the policy of small steps.

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How is a personality like Elisabeth Borne, former chief of staff of the Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal, within the government which had the Paris agreements adopted, so far removed from your positions?

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